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Insight Investments LLC quality policy demonstrates our commitment to quality and satisfaction by:

  • Delivering timely and consistent high-quality products, services and information to our customers, vendors and employees.
  • Evolving processes and documenting them well, to ease the stress of rapid growth while keeping IIC a great place to work.
  • Committing to ongoing and scheduled auditing to track and enact change management to support organizational needs.
  • Creating consistent messaging to reinforce and promote the acceptance of order in our company.
  • Maintain a dynamic environment to continue to attract, develop and retain "wild ducks."


Established in 1974 in Geneva, Switzerland, the ISO9001 standard is a set of internationally recognized quality management systems that require consistent practices worldwide. Nearly 770,000 organizations in over 150 countries have implemented these standards. The objective of ISO9001 certification is to assure both quality in products and customer satisfaction by structuring quality processes.

The Value of ISO Certification

The benefits of ISO Certification translate our quality and satisfaction messages from all reaches in Insight to the depth of our customer and partner relationships. The core values of ISO certification within Insight:

  • Ensure that all staff members, from new hires to career employees are trained in our standards, processes and value systems.
  • Defines the roles and responsibilities to ensure that work is completed on time and within performance guidelines.
  • Applies to entire organization for a unified approach quality, excellence and satisfaction.
  • Creates a vehicle to disseminate information organization-wide.
  • Facilities cross-training, process improvement to track performance expectations vs. performance demonstrated, and maximize staffing capabilities.
  • Identifies areas of over capacity as well as under capacity.
  • Seeks to find long term solutions by discovering and addressing the root causes.
  • Enhances sales by demonstrating our commitment to servicing our customer with high standard of excellence in both products and services.