"Doing business with Insight and their personnel has been what all professional business transactions should be."

CFO, Regional Medical Center

"We interviewed the leading vendor & independent leasing companies for our project. The IFS team's experience & their willingness to adapt their systems to meet our needs made the difference."

CIO, Fortune 2000 Pharmaceutical Company

"IFS adjusted their Asset ID process so that our organization could link the IFS Asset ID with our PeopleSoft Asset ID. This resulted in the streamlining of our internal asset accounting process, saving hundreds of reporting hours otherwise performed by our employees."

Senior Accountant, Global Infrastructure Company

"There are many pitfalls in the world of equipment leasing and I have found Insight to be highly deserving of our business. They are truly a vendor I consider a "partner" with our firm."

CFO, ALA Top 100 Law Firm

"For our organization, Insight Investments leads the way as a full-service leasing resource."

IT Finance Executive, Automotive Design Company

"Insight Investments continues to provide flexible solutions for our long & short term medical equipment financing needs. In addition they have also provided us with a cost saving avenue for our information systems infrastructure."

Financial Controller, Regional Medical Center

"The IFS consultative approach helped our University to understand all of the intricacies of leasing student laptops. This was especially important as our institution had never leased & the flexibility to refresh the equipment was critical...IFS is very patient & customer focused. They said what they would deliver & delivered what they promised."

Financial Controller, Private University

"From start to finish we have found the IFS team to be the most competent & easy Leasing Firm to partner with. We have executed over 60 schedules, returning nearly 20 at lease expiration. In every instance, there were no surprises & a consistent high level of service."

Procurement Manager, Capital Management Company

"As this is our first Leasing arrangement for IT equipment, there were some concerns about the integration process. IFS technical experts have been great in engaging our staff with multiple training sessions for AMOS, which serves as a critical tool in the execution of our IT refresh strategy."

Sr. Manager of IT Infrastructure, Fortune 2000 Pharma Company

"Insight has proven very helpful. Many times a school is looking for ways to pay as little as possible to "stretch" their dollar, yet the school wants a product that performs and lasts much longer than other businesses would consider reasonable. Insight has given us this solution with certified off lease technology. Providing our schools a quality product and a warranty that stands alone, their flexibility has enabled us to work on replacing one grade level at a time and work at our pace. I recommend Insight Systems Exchange to other school districts trying to keep up with the constant technology budget constraints."

Shane F. - District Technology Director

"We purchased over 100 off lease computers from Insight Systems Exchange to replace our current technology. The equipment arrived on time in great condition, the few problems we did have were resolved hassle free with speedy RMA’s. Somewhat hesitant to purchase off lease computers because of inconsistent product in the past I have found that Insight has been a great solution to my technology needs. Everyone from sales to support has been very friendly and helpful. Our staff and especially students love the new computers."

Marti O. Purchasing Agent

"We purchased over 160 computers through Insight Systems Exchange this year to replace our aging elementary school computer labs and to add a new mobile laptop cart to our senior high school. The equipment arrived in great condition, and the few problems we did have were resolved hassle-free with speedy RMAs. With no other company have we been able to receive such value. Initially hesitant to purchase off-lease computers, I quickly realized that we can accomplish so much more with much less money. Insight was a perfect fit for our replacement project as it would have been several more years before we could afford brand new equipment. Everyone from sales to support was very helpful and friendly. Our staff, and students especially, love the new computers. Thanks!"

J. Blake Z.

"We have purchased refurbished computers from Insight Investment for 5 years now and the best part of working with them is the peace of mind that I have knowing that if I have a problem it will be taken care of, and quickly. Secondly, the price is unbeatable. For cost of a new machine, we can purchase 3 machines that will run the same applications and they come with a three year warranty."

Jim R.

"Consistent products, awesome service, timely response. In order to acquire enough lab computers to implement our building technology plans and deliver instruction, the only way we could afford it was using the refurbished and guaranteed products from Insight. We’ve done this for a number of years, and even if things didn’t go perfectly, their customer service system always dealt with it in a professional manner and in the fastest possible way. If I needed fifty computers that were absolutely identical, that’s what I got. If I needed something overnight, there it was the next day. From the initial order to follow-up phone calls, I’ve been very pleased with the products and service, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other schools."

Tim S.